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Because you asked, the Achiever programs are now Mac and Windows compatible. Not only that, the design of the software allows us to constantly update contents of the tests to reflect the closest representation of problems you are going to see at the testing centers. Widely known and used in the pre-dental and pre-optometry fields, the programs have helped thousands of students achieve excellent DAT and OAT scores, and are targeted to fulfill the same mission among students preparing for the MCAT and the PCAT. That candidates will flourish in their respective admission tests through the use of the Achiever test series is the sincere hope of 3T Quest.

DAT Achiever -- 7 Tests

A 7 test subscription for the DAT is now officially launched. With 1960 carefully written questions that test your knowledge to a greater limit, this comprehensive package is even more capable of keeping you ahead of the average candidates through its stringent use. Active 3 or 5 test subscribers are more than welcome to write in and ask for an upgrade.

New Release

We take pride in announcing the official launch of MCAT Achiever, made solely to supplement your intense prep for mounting challenge from official sitting ahead. Get the software downloaded today and begin yourself with a sound preparation. You'll be glad you did.  


"Just wanted to say thanks for developing the OAT program. I found it more similar to the real test than other test prep software. The science sections were dead on, and the double trig fxns helped a lot too ..."

- Quan Nguyen

Thank you very much!  I greatly appreciate this, especially so fast!  I've downloaded it and activated it under the same e-mail.  I will definitely make sure to mention your programs on and your awesome service.

- Tara Roche

Product Features


  • Downloadable software that you can start using in 15 minutes!
  • 3, 5 or 7 full-length mock exams
  • Closely simulated to the real thing
  • Custom test delivery option
  • Constantly updated
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Intuitive concepts and tips 
  • Diagnostic score reports
  • And many more ...